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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Ages Do You Serve?

Most of our parties are for kids between the ages of 2 and 16, but we have entertained a number of kids in their late teens and have a few party styles even grown-ups can enjoy! 


  • Can You Send Entertainers to our School or Corporate Event?

Absolutely! All of our entertainment options are completely mobile, so we can definitely come to you! Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, and Nerf Parties are just a few examples that are great for corporate events in all markets. Contact our sales member now to fine tune your school or corporate event and take advantage of our Corporate Discount today!


  • Can You Host the Party in A Park? 

Yes! Many of our fun parties can be hosted outdoors and are often recommended for park locations. Our Field Day and Color Madness Parties are just a couple of some perfect examples of this! Most outdoor parties require access to water or a power outlet so contact our team to discuss how we can make this work for you.


  • How Much Space Do I Need for My Party?

This depends on the amount of guest and type of party you are looking to do. Some of our options require a bit more space than others, so it's always best to contact our team to check if the space you have in mind will work. 


  • Do Your Entertainers Have Drug /Alcohol and Background Checks?

Absolutely! All our entertainers must complete a US Drug and Criminal Check to be part of our team.

  • Can I Meet the Entertainer Before the Party?

You will get a chance to speak with your entertainer on a welcome call 1 or 2 days prior to the party! They'll introduce themselves and answer any last-minute questions you may have about how the day will run.


  • Who Can I Contact on The Day If There Are Any Issues?

You can always call our office (877) 647-6437 ex.3

We have staff waiting by the phone for you every day of the week, so you always have someone to talk to!


Our phone hours are (PST); 

6am - 9pm – Monday - Friday

8am - 6pm - Saturday and Sunday

  • Can Older/Younger Friends and Siblings Join In?

Yes! Many of our parties have siblings involved in the fun. It is important we know accurate numbers beforehand, so we have the right number of hosts. If you are likely to have a wide range of ages at the party, please let us know so we can ensure there are appropriate activities.


  • Do You Provide Costumes for The Kids?

Sometimes! With some party packs (example Dr. Science, Color Madness and Spa Day Parties) we bring along lab coats, team vest or robes so the children can dress up. With other packs this is not included. 


  • What Do You Use as Prizes for The Games? 

All the favorite kid treats of course! Such as lollies, stickers, party hats small novelty items and more!

  • I See Each Party is 1.5 Hours. Can I Book for Longer? 

Absolutely! Our parties are sold as a 1.5-hour min package. You may request for a shorter time frame but cannot pay less than the minimum party package amount. If you wish to extend your party upon booking, you will be charged a $25 fee to each entertainer  for every .5 hours of a party extension


  • What Time Should We Be Ready for Our Entertainer(s)?

All entertainment host, in addition to a welcome call, will contact you the day of and arrive 10 - 20 minutes ahead of the start time to introduce themselves and set up.


  • What Is the Deposit/Cancellation Policy?

We know how frustrating it can be to plan every detail of your party only to have to cancel due to schedule conflictions, emergencies or weather conditions. Should you wish to postpone or cancel your party date for any reason, we do require at least a 3 days’ notice ahead of the day and your booking fee will be refunded. Deposits are non refundable after 48 hours of booking. 


  • What Happens If My Numbers Change?

When you book your party, you will be advised how many kids an entertainer can handle. This is usually 20 but varies depending on the specialty of the party. If your numbers increase and we need a second host please give us as much notice as possible so we're able to secure a second host – at least 5 days should be sufficient. All parties (excluding advanced packages) hold enough materials and resources for each entertainer limit (20 guest). Parties with a guest count above the entertainer limit will have an additional “Package Extension Fee” of $10 for every additional child to ensure all guest at the party have an amazing experience equally.   


  • Do You Provide Catering and Decorations?

Unfortunately, at this stage we do not provide catering or decorations.